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3 Easy Ways to Save on your Wedding

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As most people know, planning a wedding can be an expensive time in any couple's life! Whilst we would all love to have the big pot of gold that we can use to splash out on our every whim, reality can often quite different. Latest polls have indicated that the average couple is now older when they tie the knot, so many of you will possibly already have a mortgage, kids, etc, making it a challenge if said pot of gold hasn't appeared! Never fear however, we are here to help you with 3 easy ways to save on your wedding.

1: Talk to your Vendors/Suppliers

OK let me backtrack for a second - choose suppliers that you get along with, that have a proven track record and are reliable. Then talk to them! They understand the finer details involved in what they offer you and so if you go to them with your budget (make sure it's realistic) often times they will be able to give you suggestions on how to get what you would like within your target. They can often have great tips also on how to save here and there so you don't end up overspending.  

2: Choose what's Important to YOU

You may decide that you want that vintage car, the most sought after band, the photographer that all the celebrities have, the lasercut invitations with ribbons, pearls and crystals, the wedding cake that has 7 tiers, etc, but if you do have a budget to keep to, you will have to choose what is of most importance to YOU both. Just like every couple is different, your priorities for this will vary hugely from couple to couple. A tip from a past bride (me!) is to make the list in order of priority and then use that when setting your budget. Again I can't stress this enough, it needs to be a realistic budget - weddingsonline have a great average spend for each wedding related item that may help:

Again, it can't be said enough that you need to choose what's important to you - family members and friends may think it's a great idea that you go for a million extra add-ons but whilst their intentions are obviously good, they are (usually) not footing the bill at the end of the day. So feel free to say no and focus on what you both want for your special day.

3: Look for Value (not just cheap!)

This is a biggie that can catch out a lot of couples! We have had couples coming to us in a panic because the stationer they booked ("well we got them at a great price, they were so cheap!!") has perhaps let them down or delivered substandard quality. We have heard of disasters with friends offering to do photography on the day for free only to delete the images by accident without backing up. The cake giving everyone food poisoning! I'm not trying to frighten you but instead encourage you again to choose suppliers that are reliable, have a proven track record, that you get along with and can trust. I'm not saying for a second that you go for the most expensive for each supplier, most expensive does NOT necessarily mean best, but look for good VALUE. Ask your supplier if they can advise what the best value offering they have is, they will be only too happy to help. If you go to your chosen supplier and tell them what you have in mind, what you can afford etc., most will be more than happy to come up with creative solutions to help in any way they can.

It all boils down to this really - 3 easy ways to save money - talk to your suppliers, look for good value for the service or product your getting and stay true to what you want for your big day. You won't go too far wrong if you keep these in mind! Happy planning!!

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